Jose Vigil


I am a junior at New Mexico State University currently pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. This summer I am working under Dr. Hyoung Cho and PhD students in the Development of Wireless gas sensors. The goal of our research is to fabricate and monitor Chemiresistor-based sensors that are also based on nanoscale structures. Traditional Sensors reach their performance due to the addition of heating elements that add up to the cost and power consumption. By developing sensors in the nanoscales many of this elements can be eliminated allowing for a friendlier cost and low power consumption of the sensors. My main focus in this project is monitoring the variation and changes of current in the sensor as a gas is detected, by creating a wireless ammeter that collects data in a given amount of time, it allows us to have better analysis of the sensor. This analysis can then help have a better approach to fabricating or improving details to obtain a better sensor. Here you will find my project presentations. Feel free to contact me if there is any questions to

Weekly Presentations

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