Alex Carter

Hey y’all! My name is Alex Carter, and I am a senior at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. My project is The Interaction of Animal Furs with Water Flow to Identify Biologically-Driven Anti-Fouling Mechanisms. This project takes data characteristic of the mechanical behavior of animal furs in different flow states in water and other fluids using high speed videos and is able to be applied to machine learning models. These models learn to predict how any mammal from semi-aquatic to terrestrial in any flow state may react and how this reaction is related to fouling resistance of the coats of a given mammal. Unrelated to research, however, I love to do non-engineering things too! I love playing guitar, singing, going to the gym, running and being outdoors, eating food and drinking coffee. I have a running list of about 60 different food and coffee places or small cities and outdoor spaces I have visited or intend to visit while in Orlando to keep exploring the surrounding areas! I adore travelling and discovering new, hidden gems wherever I am.

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2022 REU Symposium Poster

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